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We represent clients in all types of bankruptcy actions. Many individuals and couples contacting our office for debt relief qualify for bankruptcy under Chapter 7.

The primary objective of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to discharge all eligible debt while retaining all exempt property. A second purpose is to stop all debt collection activity, which is effected through what is called the "automatic stay."

The "automatic stay" goes into effect the moment we electronically file your Voluntary Petition for Bankruptcy with the Bankruptcy Court. At that moment, all debt collection activity must stop. Creditors, collection agencies, and lawyers cannot contact you to try to collect a debt without violating Federal law.

Federal and state laws allow you to keep real and personal property that is "exempt" from judgment creditors and such property cannot be taken away from you as a result of filing bankruptcy. We will help you to determine which exemptions— federal or Washington—provide the greatest asset protection. You must choose either all federal exemptions, or all Washington exemptions, you cannot choose some of each or combine them.

Both federal and Washington law allow you to keep equity in your principal residence, retirement plans, automobiles, tools of the trade, jewelry and other items of personal property. A successful bankruptcy requires a thorough examination of your case to determine which exemptions to apply in order to provide you with the greatest asset protection.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code 11 U.S.C.A 528(a)(4).
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