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We represent clients in all types of bankruptcy actions. Many individuals and couples contacting our office for debt relief qualify for bankruptcy under Chapter 7.

The primary objective of a Chapter 7 bankruptcy is to discharge all eligible debt while retaining all exempt property. A second purpose is to stop all debt collection activity, which is effected through what is called the "automatic stay."

The "automatic stay" goes into effect the moment we electronically file your Voluntary Petition for Bankruptcy with the Bankruptcy Court. At that moment, all debt collection activity must stop. Creditors, collection agencies, and lawyers cannot contact you to try to collect a debt without violating Federal law.

Federal and state laws allow you to keep real and personal property that is "exempt" from judgment creditors and such property cannot be taken away from you as a result of filing bankruptcy. We will help you to determine which exemptions— federal or Washington—provide the greatest asset protection. You must choose either all federal exemptions, or all Washington exemptions, you cannot choose some of each or combine them.

Both federal and Washington law allow you to keep equity in your principal residence, retirement plans, automobiles, tools of the trade, jewelry and other items of personal property. A successful bankruptcy requires a thorough examination of your case to determine which exemptions to apply in order to provide you with the greatest asset protection.

We are a debt relief agency. We help people file for bankruptcy relief under the Bankruptcy Code 11 U.S.C.A 528(a)(4).

Personal Injury

If you have been injured through no fault of your own, in an accident or on someone’s property, let’s talk. McKean Law Office is the best car and trucking accident attorney in Moses Lake, WA. It is vital you seek the counsel of a seasoned personal injury attorney or an accident attorney in Washington as soon as possible when you’ve been hurt. McKean Law Office fights for the rights of people who have been wrongfully injured by others.

We may take your case on a contingency fee basis. This means we may only receive a fee if we win your case. The benefits are twofold: you know that we will be giving it our all to win your case, otherwise we are not paid. Secondly, you can rest assured you will not be on the hook for attorney fees unless we successfully settle your case. We have over three decades of effective representation and successful outcomes for our clients.

Every day, people are hurt in auto accidents, semi-truck accidents, and workplace mishaps. Unfortunately, too many of the people injured either do not seek legal representation or are given bad advice. Take advantage of our offer for a free consultation with our car accident attorney in Moses Lake to protect your rights and to see if you are entitled to compensation for your injuries.

Criminal Defense

Our firm has represented clients charged with all types of offenses, from minor traffic infractions to violent felonies.  When you are charged with a crime you need an attorney with experience.  Experience to effectively navigate through the complicated criminal justice system and experience to effectively represent you at trial.

Real Estate and Land Use

Real estate and land use law requires strong advocacy and creativity to find resolutions to issues that many times involve several stakeholders. Our areas of focus include:

-           Administrative Appeals
-           Condemnation & Eminent Domain
-           Landlord & Tenant Disputes
-           Leasing
-           Purchase & Sale
-           Real Estate Disputes
-           Zoning & Permitting

Labor and Industries Claims / Workers Compensation

We represent workers seeking compensation for injuries suffered in the course of their employment. Our representation includes L&I claims involving industrial injuries, occupational diseases, rejected claims, loss-of-earning-power, as well as permanent-partial or permanent-total disability.

For the vast majority of people injured on the job, L&I provides the sole financial compensation.  The procedures and requirements for L&I claims can be a substantial barrier to many injured workers who might otherwise obtain benefits such as:

-           Medical coverage for surgeries, physical therapy, prescription drugs, and rehabilitation services;
-           Compensation for lost wages;
-           Vocational rehabilitation services;
-           Awards for permanent-partial impairment if an injured party regains the ability to work.

McKean Law Office offers effective experience with claims in labor and industries in Moses Lake, WA. Our law firm fights to maximize your compensation and protect your rights during every step of the process. If you have been injured on the job, contact our firm for a free consultation.

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